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10 Tips and Tricks to buy the perfect Baby Shower gift

A Baby Shower is a very important event for the Mommy to be, but also a very personal one, where most of the guests are close friends and family. It is also your great opportunity to shine above all guests with your perfect, original, unique baby gift ! Following these 10 easy tips and tricks will help you find that perfect baby gift.  

I will give you also examples, mostly from Etsy , my favorite handmade website. I am an Etsy seller myself, and almost all items that are shown here are from artisans that I have no connection with, I simply love their products. So here they are !


        Yes, I know, it's very easy to go to the department store or the Mall - you'll find millions of cute, adorable, made in China products, that probably hundreds of thousands of other babies already have. You don't want that, right ? I, for one, I'm sure that Mommy to be doesn't want ! 

Like all other moms, she wants the best for her baby - the best quality, original, something that another mom and her baby most likely doesn't have it ! So, where do you turn for such an original gift ? Handmade. That way, you will know for a fact that your gift is quite unique, original, and that someone, somewhere, put time and passion, and probably a little bit of their heart into that thing.

Find it here.


        Black and white (monochromatic) nurseries are very eye appealing and quite in fashion, even though most new parents are choosing classic baby pink or blue combinations.

 However, if you know for a fact that the nursery will be a black and white one, don't hesitate, go for a black and white nursery decor.

 Find it here.

find it here


        Neutral colors gifts, such as white or gray will fit anytime, anywhere. They are an easy to match color item. It can be nursery decor, it can be a toy. As for clothing and baby outfits, plain linen, or light gray, or any plain natural color will do just perfect. Imagine - you buy a beautiful light gray outfit set, that mommy can match it with any other color she have ( pink, or yellow, or mint, or blue ).

find it here


        If you chose to combine colors I , I beg you ! Don't buy some kind of rainbow / carnival colored item . It will be so hard for Mom to match it with anything whatsoever !

       One color + one neutral color - that's the rule !

find it here

find it here

find it here

find it here

If you really want to buy a multi-color gift, then you have two options : do a little spy work and find out from friends and family what are the colors of the nursery, or get inspired from the samples below on modern color combinations.


        You can also go for one of a kind gift that has a beautiful significance, like a Guardian Angel for the new baby, that can stay in the nursery as decor. 

        Or, you can buy a child size gold or silver necklace with a cross, and have it blessed at your church before the baby shower. Now that is a keeper ! I guarantee you ! 

find it here 

find it here


         What ever you do and how awful lack of inspiration you have , or how late you are with the gift, under no circumstance buy a Gift Card !

         A gift card is a very impersonal gift. Not only that is a "cold" gift, but it also sends the wrong message, like : I didn't know what to buy the baby, I didn't had the time, I want to get over with this, and so on. NO GIFT CARD. 

It means that you don't care to take the time to find a nice gift for the new baby !


       To start with your research for the baby shower gift, get first some ideas and inspiration from the web. I personally recommend Pinterest, Etsy, and simply Google, and try to use these words :
modern, urban, babies, gift, nursery, monochromatic, in any combination you want. For example :

- modern babies
- urban babies
- modern nursery
- urban nursery
- modern baby gift
- urban baby gift
- monochromatic nursery
- modern baby toy
- urban baby toy

and so on.


         A card is a must. If you can, together with your handmade baby gift, buy a handmade card. There are beautiful such cards out there, and it will stand out among the"department store" cards that Mom will receive. 

A thoughtful hand written message makes the difference.

find it here 


         If you can, of course, because handmade organic baby items are quite expensive. But they are also something that you usually don't find in a store :) After all, that's what you want, right ?

find it here

find it here


          Pay attention to the packing. It says a lot about you ! Like all the other ideas presented here, it's actually all about you, and what kind of attention and care you put into that baby shower gift ! That's how all others are seeing you. Here is a blog that I came across, where you can actually see and learn how to make these beautiful packages . Enjoy it ! 

I hope you'll find some help here. Good luck finding that beautiful baby shower gift, and if you want to see more ideas and inspirations find me on Pinterest , I have dedicated boards for a lot of categories (cats included, lol !).

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas !

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Style it up

If you are a picky gift buyer as I am, then your gift shopping ( Christmases, birthdays, baby showers, hew house, home decor, you name it ) must be a nightmare.    

I know, it has to be unique, and beautiful, it has to match, to be awesome so he/she will remember me forever, a keeper, stunning, something that it cannot be found in department store, and so on. Right ! It would take you (and me) an eternity !

And of course, if I want a really one of a kind gift, I turn to handmade. That way I know for a fact that is unique, and more important - that someone, somewhere, put time and heart, and probably a little piece of soul, in that thing.

Or at least, this is what I do when I craft my dolls and toys. I started this journey many years ago, but only when I had to buy that perfect gift that I couldn't find, I decided to create a new collection.

I'll keep it short this time, but I promise to come back not only with my new creations, but also with randomly awesome finds, amazingly beautiful handmade creations to help you find your style. 

I know which one is mine, and I am glad to share it !

Blessings to all !

Delighted to be back

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 Hello my dear friends !

I know that is a very, very long time since I haven't wrote anything, and let me say first that I am very GRATEFUL to all of you who decided not to hit the "unfollow" button.

This blog it might be old, but in the same time is very new in just about everything else.

Blessings to all  and Happy Holidays !