Friday, January 21, 2011

Vintage Friday Finds - Sterling Silver Jewelry

If you like as much as I do the vintage jewelry, especially the Sterling Silver ones, here are some beautiful ones that I found browsing the Art Fire vintage category. These are great finds, in good vintage condition and for reasonable prices, 25 $ and under. Now, if you like the shiny silver, all you have to do is to clean them with the special silver cloth after you bought them. If you like the antique patina, just wear them as they are. Enjoy the Vintage Friday Finds !

Vintage Sterling Silver Flower Earrings - Screw Back - 21.04 $

Charming Vintage Flower Bouquet Roses Brooch Signed Bond Boyd Sterling - 19.00 $

Vintage New Old Stock Native American Sterling Earrings - 25.00 $

Sterling Rose and Leaf Vintage Earrings - 14.00 $

Vintage Mexico Silver Sterling Butterfly Earrings Abalone Inlay - 20.00 $


Leta Porter said...

Love the Butterflies~

Monica said...

Yes, they are beautiful ! But I love them all, if it would be to buy I would have a hard time to decide which one !

Joyce said...

They are all lovely and a great bargain. They've been worn and loved and passed on. How cool is that! Thanks for including my rose earrings!

Monica said...

You are so right Joyce, I think is great knowing that somebody wore them, loved and took care of them. These are little treasures of the "good old times" that will last forever !

CapricornOneVintage said...

Gorgeous! I adore vintage silver jewelry and I can't decide which piece is my favorite here. They are all lovely ♥
It's an honor to have my butterfly earrings placed in such great company. Thanx!

Anna Kay Creations said...

Hi Monica, Lovely pics. Thanks so much for the lovely "Stylish blogger award". I feel very honored :D I will be sure to post the award on my blog soon!!

Elf Jewellery said...

Hey! I love the appearance of your site. It is damn girlish filled with Pink color (my favorite). I think the butterfly ear ring is too cute.
Sterling Silver Jewelry