Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sweet sparkling raspberry pink !

I love pink ! Who doesn't ? I put my eyes on these earrings and watched them for the last few months, hoping that nobody will buy them by the time I will place my order. Actually, to be honest, I have a few more pair of earrings that I'm watching in Letamariedesigns's Studio on Art Fire, and the time will come when I will order all of them just like I did with these ones. Knowing that she made them with her own hands, with love, care and passion, is something that will always make me wear them with pleasure and appreciation, thinking of her. Visit Leta's store, she's having wonderful hand made jewelry, unique items that will bright your day and make you feel special !


Leta Porter said...

You make me blush. You have so many wonderful items in your studio! I am honored that you will be wearing one of mine~~ Hugs to you, Leta

Monica said...

Don't be shy, we all know very well your lovely earrings ! Beside that, I never make anything for myself, it has to be somebody's else work, that's my way of showing my appreciation to my friends and support the handmade community !

♥ Monica ♥