Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A new year, a new beginning, less computer and more family time

As the winter holidays are over, I struggle to get back on track. I was hoping that staying at home this vacation will be peaceful and quiet, enjoying the great time I planned with my family, but things are not always as we hope for. After a crazy but wonderful Christmas week, when we had on top of everything two birthdays and dinners with friends, and after only three days of school, the winter storm hit and paralized the whole state. Of course, we trully enjoyed the snow, but being stuck for almost a week in the house was not funny at all.... So one more week of vacation; my older son was so "devastated", almost in tears ( of joy ) ! The little one decided that as long as he's not going to school either, why he shouldn't get sick, for a change; so two days ago we ended up with him in the urgent care - acute Otitis and Strep Throat infection are on the list.... Not to mention the frustation of waiting almost 40 minutes in the waiting room with a little boy screaming in pain, when the whole clinic was empty being a Sunday afternoon ! And if you think this was all, wait to hear this : the doctor decided that he's dehidrated and he should give him an IV with fluids (!) - I said no way I'm gonna torment him now for an hour with a niddle in his arm when he's already out of his minds of pain, waiting, crying and an awful shot of oily antibiotics ! He's only 5, for God's sake ! So we took him home, we bought the 230 $ antibitotics prescription ( with insurance - I wonder how much would have been without insurance ) and plenty of Pedialyte and Gatorade, and now, after two days of intense treatment he's finally back himself, happy, playing and full of energy.

All this time I found myself in an awkward luck of inspiration - no mood and no ideas to write anything on the blog, no willing whatsoever to sign in in my Facebook or Twitter account .... Nothing ! I know some of you think that I'm out of the picture or that I forgot about you, but it's not that. I only needed some quiet time with myself - sometimes these social networks are so obsesive and they take over your life without realizing, that for me the only way to take a break is to press the "pause" button on everything that have to do with the computer. We became so addicted to the internet and our super performant computers and cell phones that is not even funny. Some people live for that, their whole life is on FB or twitter.
Of all last year I spent more than 60% of my time on the computer, trying to keep up with you on FB and T, and less than 30% with my own kids. Is that sounds right ? No. At least not from my point of view, because first I'm a mom, and second I'm a seller. And let's be honest - most of my views are coming from search engines and online ads, not from FB or T, and none of my sales are from fans or followers. How many of your tweets do you think are really read by your followers ? And out of those, how many are really buying from you ? The number is ridiculous small. I'm talking here about the self representing artisan, who's making all those beautiful crafts with his/her own hands in their home and struggle to spread the word and make some sales, not about the old well established online sellers.
For most of the sellers Facebook or Twitter became an obsessive and time consuming free advertising provider, is not a social network anymore. We tweet what we sell, we tweet what we list, we tweet about other crafters ( hoping that maybe they will tweet about us too ), and we tweet our soul out ! When then do we work ? when do we live our lives ? when are we spending some quality time with our kids and family ? Looking back at the last two years, that's all I've done - working, tweeting and posting on FB and getting frustated when my little one was trying to get my attention. Not anymore. These precious moments of growing up will never come back, and I'm not willing to give them up for .... free advertising ! Having said that, I have decided that my online presence will be mostly here on the blog where I can talk in as many words as I want about my work and about yours too, where I can also feature wonderful artisans and their work and shops, and from where I can share it automatic on FB or Twitter. After all, we are not taking with us any of our FB accounts on the other world, right ? Ha ha ha ....

God Bless you all !



Leta Porter said...

OMG Monique, you and I must have been on the same wave length, although you probably came to this conclusion a bit sooner than me. But all you have said here has been what I have been mulling over. The only thing different is I have no young children at home, but still all the trying on FB and twitter has been a bit exhausting so am scaling back on it. I too will try to keep up with my blog and I am enjoying tumblr too.
Family is first and trying to write good SEO second :) Hugs my Friend~~ Leta

Leta Porter said...

P.S. I love the look of your blog. Makes me think I should change mine up~~~And that most likely will not happen for quite awhile as we know I am painfully computer challenged in that area.

Happy to hear you little one is much better~~

Monica said...

Leta ! Is soooo good to hear from you again ! I hope nobody is going to take this personally or get offended, because this is what I feel, and my family is going to be on the first place always. My little one just got worst - I just wrote a new blog post about, but changing his medication hopefully will bring him back on the good track. I needed a change so bad, that my blog was not out of it - I'm happy you like it ! Just drop me a line if you need help with yours, I'll always be here, especially for you !

Hugs and kisses for you, my dear friend !

Leta Porter said...

Thanks Monique, I may ask for help sometime :) Prayers for the little one. I worried too about others being offended when another good friend pointed out that I probably won't be missed at all. She is most likely right~~ So you don't worry either.

Hugs, Leta ♥