Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Handmade Pet Gift Finds

When you own a pet, most often they became part of your family. You love them, you take care of them, you spoil them, you cry next to them when they are sick and in return they give you that unconditional love that makes them so special. They make you laugh, they make you cry ( when they brake or distroy something ), they keep you company and they feel when you're not yourself or you are sick. You spend time training them, you use your lunch breaks to walk them, and you spend serious money on the best food and vets. But how about spoiling them with unique toys or accessories ? Buying your pet a handmade toy or blanket is not only a way of supporting the handmade community, is actually an act of love, giving him something unique, that you don't find in stores ( or Made in China ) and which was made by another pet lover ( most likely an owner herself/himself ) with love, care and passion !
Art Fire is offering a large variety of such items, for any budget and for (almost ) all pets. Here are some cute finds, I'm sure you'll find something to like !

Catnip Cat Toy Mouse Stuffed with Organic Catnip - 8.95 $

Dog toys, outdoor or indoor games, Tug of War, multi-colored#1 - $ 6.40

Catnip BunnyKicker Cat Toy Purple Stripe - $ 4.00

Feathered Catnip Cat Toy Stuffed with Organic Catnip - $ 5.95

THE BIJOU PET TAG pet tag 3/4 inch with a small sterling silver tag - $ 10.00

Fear Me --- 2 sided, aluminum, personalized pet ID tag - $ 9.95

Frantic Froggies small quilted pet blanket blanket - $ 20.00


 Today' shout out is featuring Anna Kay Creations and her beautiful jewelry collection. Cute, cheerful and very colorful, Anna's jewelry would bright even the most gray day that you might have. And, she obviously love flowers, I can say that without a doubt ! Here are some lovely pics from her Smashion Online Store :


jewelzodonnell said...

What a lovely collection of gifts for our furbabies! I know I prefer to give my little ones gifts that have been handmade. That way I know it has been made with care and lots of love :D

Thank you for including my froggy blanket :)

Leta Porter said...

Fantastic Pet Finds!!

CapricornOneVintage said...

hmmm.....maybe i should get that feathered catnip toy or that bunnykicker for my cats...they might leave my vintage angels alone if i do. ;)

Anna Kay Creations said...

Sweet!!! Thanks for featuring my jewelry pieces on your blog. I'm so flattered :)