Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Can being sick get any worst than this ?

This is my 5 years old one ....

... after being treated with antibiotics for Otitis and throat infection since Sunday. What you see is an allergic reaction to the antibiotic ( Amoxicillin ) that started this morning with many little tiny red spots ( like niddle points ) on his head and torso,  but by the time we reached the pediatrician at 2 in the afternoon they were all over his body and much larger and red. Poor lad is looking like a clown, and after having so many kids in my hands, I suspected first a contagious childhood disease ( you know, like measles, varicella, etc ). I never thought of an allergy reaction , because he took before this antibiotic, and he have never been allergic to anything.
But on the other hand, he is up to date with all his shots, so my next thought was : food poisoning ! Last night he ate Burger King chicken nuggets and fries - this must be it, I thought, cursing the living days out of them !
I start calling my aunt the pediatrician, my cousin the family doctor and everybody else in my family who might give me an idea of what it can be. They all didn't excluded all three posibilities, but I was still demanding an answer, so I made an appointment to his pediatrician. Antibiotic allergy reaction. Now he's on Benadryl and Azithromycin, and we'll see tomorrow if there is any improvement in his condition.

So never say that "it cannot get worst than this" ( no matter what it is ), because it can !

God Bless you,

2 days later Update

If I had any doubts deep in my mind that the reason is the antibiotic, well now I have to give credit to the doctor : she was right, and after changing the medication I can see a fantastic improvement - the rush is fading away the same order it came, from the head down.

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