Friday, December 3, 2010

"Call me Mellow Yellow and Black" - Art Fire front page collection

Is not an easy thing to get on the Art Fire front page with your collection, we all know that from experience. And that's because AF is probably having trouble picking from so many beautiful collections and selections, but once you got there, there is no higher recognition of your work, both for the member who curated the collection and for the artists featured. Today the featured collection is, again, a gorgeous one, curated by daffydill and is called "Call me Mellow Yellow and Black". And last but not least, a special Thank You to the curator for featuring one of my hats ! Congratulations and don't forget to visit both the collection and the curator's studio, you'll find beautiful hand made gifts !


Daffydill's Days said...

Daffydill here! I couldn't have been more excited today with my Artfire front page exposure. My excitement grew though when I discovered your wonderful blog post! Thank you sooo much! I'm honored.

Shrimp Salad Circus said...

Congratulations on the front page feature!!!!!

- Lindsay

Monica said...

It was really awesome to see the collection on the FP !