Thursday, November 18, 2010

2010 - 2011 Winter Collection . Which one is right for you ?

If you start feeling that cold breeze at the tip of your ears then it's time to start looking for a hat. Oh no, no way ! hats will never be old fashioned. The right hat can make you look cute, funny, sport, classy, elegant or romantic ! It all depends where you want to wear it - at shoppings ? every day ? ski type ? chrurch type ? girls day style ? urban ? country ? maybe silly ? .... there are so many types and styles that sometimes we just don't know what to look for ! So I decided to work on a new series for this winter, in various colors, something to keep you warm and make you look the way you want. Now remember : these hats will stretch and take the shape of your head. And more, make sure that the one you like will be a perfect fit for the lengh and color of your hair, the shape of your face and the shade of your skin. Most of them are a good match for any type of hair ( long, short, medium, dark, red or blond, strait or curly ), but what you have to decide is the color. And if you like the retro inspired hats, more colors and models are available on my studio .

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