Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Kittens, amazing developments !

Many of you know already my spring adventure with the 14 kittens. Well, as you may guess, the moms got in heat again, and about two weeks ago they brought me a new generation. Not so many as the first time, as one of the three moms dissapeared from my backyard. Last time, they had three different litters, in three different places, but all of them were taking turns on watching the kids ! Well, now is even more obvious that being sisters, the blood connection is becoming stronger and stronger every day... Not only that they put all the new borns together in ONE PLACE creating a creche, but both are nursing them, no matter what kitten belongs to what mother ! That is amazing for me ! This morning I took two of them for a first check up.... Beautiful, fluffy, amazingly clean, fat, no flees, no nothing ! How good is to have two moms ???? I even brought one in the house, I wanted to see how Charlie, my cat, would react. It was actually very good ! From Charlie's part, because the little dude start hissing and spitting, even if he was barely moving on his shaking feet ! I took a few pictures for you to see him, a beautiful, cute, shaky little thing ! Of course, when I finished, I just put him outside on the patio where the two moms were waiting; one nursed him and gave him a good shower, and the other one took him back to the nursery.  This actually reminds me that I have two Moms too, and it's AWESOME !

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