Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Complete Studio Design Packages - Advertising and Branding

The last few days I was working on some new complete packages for online shops; these are all new listings in my studio, and they are pre-made ones. Now, the good part is that once one is sold, I don't relist it, so whatever you bought, it's unique. No two shops will have the same design. All my graphics can be personalized with your shop name, your favorite fonts and colors and even with your own background, if you have one. If nothing you see in the studio fit your needs, I'm also taking custom orders, and once I know what you would like, I will prepare some samples. You decide which one you like and then we'll work together from there and finalize the whole package. Your final product must meet all your expectations and it have to be perfect for your needs, so some communication will be involved, and only when you tell me "Now I'm Happy !" I will send you the files, and list your Reserved Item.

A complete package will include :
- one regular banner - 760x100, 796x100, 1000x200 ( for Etsy or ArtFire ) - your option of size
- one "on vacation" banner - same dimensions - your option
- one Avatar - 75x75 for Etsy or 140x140 for Artfire - your option - or both of them if you have shops on both sites
- one badge - 150x150 to fit any side bar ( for blog or other websites ) with an insertion Code and instructions.
- one Gift Certificate - adjustable size - easy to insert in any document and print

A complete package is listed for only 8.50 $, and is saving you a lot of money than if you would buy them separate. These are important advertising tools, that not only will make your shop looking great and being remembered, but also creates your own identity, and is called branding. And is very important to be consistent and to have the same avatars, banners and badges on all your websites or social networks. Confusing your fans or followers with different avatars is bad business.

Another lovely thing that you want to do for you favorite customers, or just for new ones, or just for returning ones, is to send them a little gift in the form of a Gift Certificate when they buy something from your shop - a little sign of appreciation, that will make them come back to you. It's not the amount itself, is a matter of principle and a nice gesture to make him/her feel special and appreciated.

I hope you will find something nice for your new shop, or maybe you want a complete change of look ! My jewelry will have to wait a little bit, because I got really bad into graphics and I love it !


Josh said...

Hi, hope it's OK to contact you here. We would love to include your blog on our giveaway search engine: Giveaway Scout ( Have a look and if interested, use our online form to add your blog ( ). thanks, Josh

Monica said...

Josh, thank you so much for your message ! I already took a look at the blog and I will submit my blog after I'm finishing the first required step. Have a wonderful day, Monica.