Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Butterflies Complete Studio Graphics Package - Free Giveaway

As many of you know already, I have opened a second ArtFire Studio called " Studio Design Graphics", where my passion for colors can work in a different way for you. Colors had a huge impact in my life since I know myself; I remember as a teenager making an obsession for one color only every summer - yellow, orange, green, you name it. Since then, I try to express this in everything I"m doing ; I paint, I make jewelry, each room of my house is having a dedicated color, the flowers on my front yard are as colorful as they can be, and now, since I love working on computer too, I decided to get out there with studio graphics.

I even had in less than a week since I've opened the new Studio a sale and a custom order, and I am so grateful to Kim at Bearswillow Designs on Etsy for trusting in me and my work. To celebrate this new beginning , I am having a Giveaway, where a complete package is on the stakes, a wonderful and cheerful Butterflies Design for your online store.

A short description is necessary for each item included in the package, which have a new addition - business cards. So the lucky winner will receive two Banners ( a regular one and a vacation one ) , Avatar, Badge, Gift Certificate and Business Cards layout ( at your choice from the two designs ), customized with her/his shop name, and any other information she wants to insert on the business cards. A note : I don't print the business cards, I only give you the layout for you to use it.

So this is the prize :

Banner : 760x100 or 796x100 or 1000x200 ( for Etsy or ArtFire  )
Avatar : 75x75 ( Etsy ) or 140x140 ( ArtFire )
Badge : 140x140 with Widget Code included
Gift Certificate : adjustable size so you can insert it in any document and print it
Business card : standard size

To enter the Giveaway, just leave me a comment on this post, if you think is worthed "like" My Studio and My Facebook Page , tweet it and you're done . The entries ends on August 31, and the winner will be announced here, on both of my Facebook pages and on Twitter. Once you won, I'll email you to find out how can I customize your package.


Marybeadz said...

I love it! will definately tweet and put on my facebook to share:) I hope I win!!!

Leta Porter said...

Monique, I visited Bearwillow Designs and what you created for her is Beautiful. Wonderful work ;)