Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MARYBEADZ - Featured Artist on Artfully Crafted Chronicals™

I met Mary Beth over the internet, on Facebook I believe, looking for other crafters to connect with, and I falled instantly for her beautiful creations. A wonderful and gifted artisan, an artist, and a great wife and proud Marine mother on top of everything. Today is my great pleasure to bring to you all her artfully crafted jewelry . I've asked Mary Beth to write a few words , and this is, sweet and simple, the person behing the Marybeadz creations, in her own words :

"I opened up my Etsy shop in Febuary 2010, I make beaded jewelry and accessesories. I am fairly new to making jewelry, I worked as a physician assistant full time for several years. I loved my work I was fortunate to have worked in some very challenging areas of medicine and met some wonderful people along the way. It wasn't until I became ill myself that i started beading. It turned from hobby to now business.
I enjoy learning and trying new designs, I'm currently working on personalized metal stamping jewelry which I'm really enjoying.
I am not much of a computer person so I had to learn all about facebook and fanpages as well as twitter and now my own blog. I never thought i would actually be doing this and learning all these new things but you never know where life will take you.  I have 2 children,( 23,21) and a wonderful husband. I love to cook and bake, listen to Dave Matthews band, strong supporter of USMC (my son is a marine).

Mary Beth Downer"

You can always find Mary Beth and her handmade jewelry on  :





Marybeadz said...

You are so very sweet for featuring me on your blog! I'm honored :)

Monica said...

My pleasure Mary, it's always a joy to find great artists and spread the word !