Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kittens - "why I'm not surprised" news, good news

To all my friends worried for the kittens faith, here are the developments :

"why I'm not surprised"  news
* there are THREE litters - one outside, two in my backyard - a total of 14 kittens ! And all three mothers are sisters, taking turns on watching them.

Good news
* my kind neighbors adopt all 5 of the ones outside my backyard ( the ones in my previous video )
* I found a shelter to take the rest of them ( which are camped on my backyard )

I still have to decide which one to keep.


Leta Porter said...

Holy Moly Monique, I have never heard of this happening. The Moma's must have heard that your place is the baby hospital! Keep us posted~~

Monica said...

Leta, I swear to God, I never thought that feeding those four orphans last fall will bring me now 14 new ones !!!! Thank you Lord that only three were females, not all four !

Teri and Amber said...

omgoodness, that is a lot of kitties!! I have had 2 stray females find their way into my home and unexpectedly drop litters. Good luck picking only one and can't wait to see you post a picture.

Leta Porter said...

Well, your good works reaped huge results ;)

Split Rock Ranch said...

So glad you found homes for all of them. Hope you can make a decision on which one to keep!