Friday, May 14, 2010

Free backgrounds ideas for your blog & How To install them

The internet is overloaded with web sites and blogs offering free backgrounds and templates to enhance the look of your blog. Today I've made a selection of those offering the most beautiful backgrounds ( skins ) for 2 or 3 columns blogs, and I have created an easy steps list on how to install them.

Installing a new background is not as hard as you may think, and practicing a few times the following steps will make it much more easier for you in the future. Each and every background is provided with a "code" that you will find it next/below the background you like.

1. select the entire Code text, and Copy ( CTRL+C )
2. go to your blog dashboard and press the "Layout" button ( or Customize)
3. from the new window menu select "Page Elements"
4. From this window press "Add a Gadget" button, scroll down the new pop-up window and choose the HTLM/Java Script gadget
5. Give the gadget a name/title ( like Background ) so you know in the future what it is, in case you want to move it around your page or change the skin code.
6. Paste ( CTRL+V ) the Code text in the main text area
7. Save the gadget ( the orange button )

The pop-up window will close and you will return to your Page Elements window. Before saving the final layout, give it a Preview, to see if you like it. The new gadget called Background that you just installed will be visible just for you, and only if you're logged in to your blog. The new background will be visible on your blog anytime after saving the layout.

To change the skin again after that, just go to your "background" gadget ( in the "Page Elements" section ) and press "Edit" - this will allow you to change the code.


sapone bolla soapy blog said...

bless you!

The Jewelry Box said...

I've been thinking of giving my blog a new look to go with a new shop banner I'll be doing very soon. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this very helpful information! You rock! :)

Monica said...

Thank you so much for your comments ! I'm preparing now a post on how to change your template with 3 columns, and some good sites for that :)