Thursday, April 8, 2010

With a little immagination and some recycled fabrics ...

I decided to make my own shoulder bag. Yeap, when I saw the prices online for similar bags, I sad NO WAY I'm gonna pay that when I can make my own one. This is how I started my day, digging in the garage, in all boxes, for things that I don't use anymore.... And I got a pair of old jeans and a curtain, LOL ( that curtain was enough to make 10 bags !)... Plus, some ribbons and white cotton for inside the bag. Two hours later, after a broken neddle and a very excited toddler wanting all the time to touch the sewing machine, here am I, taking pictures of my new bag. This is my first bag ever ( and I have no patterns whatsoever ), and I couldn't be more happier ! Maybe I'll start making them for sale, LOL !

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