Monday, April 12, 2010

Great feedback + photo editor link

Good morning ! It's another lovely Monday morning here in Georgia; a little chilly, only 46, but sunny and very promising. Everything is turning green and the birds are chirping since 4 AM, making me wonder if they ever sleep.... I just sent my older one to school and my better hald already left for work, so by the time my little one is wakeing up I have plenty of time to drink my coffee, read my emails and the new posts on the blogs I follow. To my nice surprize, Debbie posted a new one about her latest giveaway prize from Julie. She finally received the Two Hearts cushion from Australia, and her impressions are priceless; sometimes the pictures are not true enough about the quality of a product, and Debbie's comments are more like a feedback. And if you still have doubts about buying a cushion ( it's not a pillow, ok ? it's a unique and lovely cushion for your sofa ) from "cre8urname" ( ) then you really have to read Debbie's new blog post about it.
Which makes me wonder ( again ) -- are my pictures good enough to tell you what and how my products are ? The pictures are the most important advertising tool, they are the first impression on the buyer and sometimes the only decision factor beside the price. I always tried to take good pictures, clear and bright ones and from as many angles as possible, to give the buyer a better idea of what he/she's buying. And I'm also using a photo editor to enhance the quality, contrast, true colors and brightness  , like Picasa, which is available for free download from Google at . Sometimes, if the product is very colorful I choose a simple white background, and for close ups I always take care to crop the image so the website is not rejecting it when downloading for being too big. The more pictures you add for your product, the more chances you have to catch the buyer's attention -- an overall image of your product, a close up one for details, a side one and if you can, a manequinne one to reinforce the true size. I'm not saying that my pictures are the best, far from me of being a professional photographer, I don't even have a photo studio, but during the time I got many compliments and questions of how I manage to have such clear and bright images of my products, and I thought that sharing my techniques with you might help.

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