Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Switching to sewing, for a change

Today I'm bored .... So bored that I decided to take a break from jewelry making ( which I made all winter ) and switch to sewing. Like I was telling Tanya, last night, after I pulled out all my summer clothings and realized that my skirts and part of my pants don't fit me anymore ) I took out the Singer sewing machine and the vintage fabrics that I bought during the winter, decided to work for a while on something else. I'm not happy with my pounds gained. Not much, but enough to have to change now for a bigger size. I've been slim all my life, a XS or S, so these few pounds bother me more than you can immagine. On Monday I have started my first diet ever ! No more meat, poultry, sugar or soda.... well, last night after I finished making the pancakes for my boys I couldn't help myself, and I had to eat four (4) , with chocolate syrup .... What a diet ...But as you all know, all diets start tomorrow, LOL ! So, to go back to my new sewing project, I'm planning to make a few full circle skirts - I love them, and they are so easy to make ! I start sewing when I was about 9 or 10, when my mother finally decided that I can use safetly the machine, so my first creations were the dolls clothings. Then, because I grew up during a very gray communism regime and the stores were pretty much empty ( and I'm talking not only the food stores but also the clothing and shoes ones ) I start making my own ones. Knitting is also one of my hobbies, but just like the sewing, it's just for my own pleasure and need, not for selling. So this is what I'll work this week, and this is one of the vintage fabrics that I bought this winter from Etsy ( the colors actually are more vibrant ) :

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