Monday, April 26, 2010

the Sunday night surprize

I should call this “what the USPS Priority Mail boxes are good for” … Yesterday was such a nice and sunny day, that I have decided to do some gardening. I went to Lowe’s, I found beautiful flowers , brought them home together with the two bags of soil, and I start bringing on my front porch the pots, ready to start. I mean bringing them from the back yard. Just in case you don’t know, last summer I found abandoned on my backyard four (4) kittens, about 2 month old. I decided that they were still too small to hunt by themselves, so I fed them through the fall and all winter, hoping that in the spring they will be on their own. Since February I start reducing the food portions to none (late in March) forcing them to start hunting. Good idea, but often I had to clean the patio of bloody offerings and prove of their ability! So to go back to my story, yesterday, looking for my old pots on the backyard, I noticed something black and white under one of my bushes. Getting closer to see what it is (first I suspected the junior for leaving there toys) I almost had a shock when I saw tiny new-born kittens. I said, Oh No! No way that I’m going to start again having cats running all over my yard and destroying my flowers. So I went in the garage, take a nice good box – a big one from USPS Priority Mail – cover it completely in plastic, making a little hole for the mom to get in, and I moved in the kittens. I counted 5!!!! The umbilical cord was still there, drying, so I assumed that they are about 3-4 days old. I was also hoping that if I touch them, the mom will move them somewhere else. Last night, after a good summer rain, I went to check on them, and I had the surprise to see them with their mom, installed comfy on her new home. It was one of my four abandoned ones of last summer. So she brought them home …. Or at least what she considered to be home. Now, I have no intention to keep them – I already have one indoor cat and the other three outdoors…. I don’t need a yard full of cats, where my little one is playing all day long. So I searched all humane societies but none of them is taking new ones. So I turned to the animal control ones, for removal. I will call today, to see if they can come and find them a shelter, and later hopefully a foster home and even adoption. Now, don't get me wrong, I am a cats lover, I have two birman cats in Europe, here I have an adopted gray short hair Tabby in the house and the four outside, my mugs are with cats, the wall decor, my apron, even my wrist watches are with cats ....I would love to keep them, but I can’t…. They are just too many.


Split Rock Ranch said...

Awwww, can't they at least stay there at your house until they're big enough to go to new homes? Poor little things. ;o( That is so sad that the shelters are all full. We have 8 full time cats here and take in foster kittens as needed. The two fosters we have right now go to their new homes on Wednesday after being spayed and neutered tomorrow. We have offered to take in the 3 new kittens at the shelter once we get our carpets steam cleaned this week.

Monica said...

Brenda, believe me that I will keep them as long as I can, it breakes my heart, but on the other hand the last thing that I need is a "debate" with my husband about becoming a public shelter... He already calls me Mother Thresa of all animals ! If I would have a farm, like you, it would be so much easier. But beside the fact that they are too many ( now 9 including the new-borns ) my son love to chase them. And yes, they cannot be separated yet. The shelter will have to take them all ( if I find one !).