Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ready for the summer

I know, it took me kind of long to finish this , but I did it and I just can't wait to wear it. Maybe tomorrow at my son's academic excellence award day, at the Highschool, if the weather is warm enough. Is washed it, ironed it and is ready to go. But I found kind of tricky to work with jersey fabric... is stretching exactly when you don't need ( like when you have to cut a straight and even piece, or you have to sew it ), and probably it follows Murphy's Laws. So having said that, I don't think I'll buy jersey again, too much trouble. But overall it came out beautiful and carefully done ( after lots of nerves ) and that's all that matters. And the best thing is that I can wear it as a set with a white or red belt ( which I don't have yet ) or with any matching top.


Little Village Naturals said...

Monica, the dress you made looks absolutely beautiful! It's so cheerful & flowing! I know you'll look wonderful in it! You'll have to get some pictures of that as well! I bet you're glad to have it finished! Great job!

Monica said...

Oh... it was a pain in the butt ... Julie gave me a tip on how to deal with this type of fabric when sewing, but it was too late :) I'll take some pictures, promise !