Thursday, April 15, 2010

Links, widgets and ideas for your blog

 During the time I have crossed several websites with useful links and widgets to improve the look of your blog and to make it more attractive. I have also found some great bloggers community sites, and I want to share them all with you; you might want to use some of them :

LinkWithin - widget : to add up to 5 previous posts links and images to your current post ( related posts with thumbnails ) - - great looking, easy to install and definitively makes the blog looking more attractive + reminds for older posts !

BlogFrog - is a great blogger community - allows you to get more exposure for your blog, connect with other bloggers, follow and get followers and join different interest communities :

The Smilies - is a free glitter text generator - great to enhance your post with funny and cute layouts :

FlagCounter - free and cute little widget that you can add to your website and have a real worldwide traffic to your page :

HotBliggityBlog - free backgrounds for your blog, lots of designs :

PlumroseLane - absolutely gorgeous blog backgrounds and matching buttons for 2 or 3 colums blog :

NetworketBlogs - widget allowing you to connect your blog to your Facebook page and add the Blog Tab :

Picasa 3 - great photo editor offered by Google - allows you to edit your pictures, such as brightness, contrast, colors, add comments, crop, resize or apply effects - easy to use !

I hope you'll find them useful and easy to use. But best of all, they are all FREE ! Have fun !


Monica said...

why nobody's telling me that I misspelled a word in the picture ? perhaps no one is reading it, that's why, LOL

kella said...

Monica, thank you so much for sharing these link :)