Monday, April 26, 2010

Gemalicious Beads Love giveaway - how can I be so unbelivable lucky ?

Like any other morning, I'm reading the latest on the blogs I follow. Well, this morning I got speechless when I found out that I am the lucky winner of the Gemalicious Beads Love giveaway at . I've considered myself lucky enough to find out about this giveaway via Twitter, but to be the winner, never in my thoughts ! Can you immagine what beautiful jewelry I will make with these beauties ? Oh, I just cannot wait to receive them so I can start working, I'm already dreaming about the designs.... Teri, Amber, you really made my day and the week, it doesn't matter anymore how dark and cold is outside, for me is sunny all the way ! Thank you ! To find out more about Gemalicious Beads and their wonderful gems, please visit

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