Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday under 20

 Greetings again from the beautiful South, my friends ! I love Fridays, I always did, is something good about it, in the name and all the meanings coming with it ! Like, uh.... knowing that the weekend is almost here ? making plans ? thinking already where to go or what to do ? waiting for that game ? spending some quality time with your kid ? planning that dinner with your friends ? Waiting for the mornings when you don't have to hear the alarm clock ? And if it happens to be the end of the month too, then it's even better, payroll day !!!!! The perfect match ! Well, if shopping's are on your "things to do" list, then I have some great finds for you. And today is going to be Art Fire day !

Green Wire Cat Bookmark - 8 $

Ceramic Trivet - Vintage - Artwork by Charles Rennie MacKintosh - 12.95 $

Lampwork bead set Lentils black and orange R.E.Blake - 18 $

Cat and Kittens Puzzle - 15 $

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