Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A change of look ! Please be patient !

As I am working to change the template of my blog for a better view of my posts, I am asking all my wonderful friends and followers to be patient, because all previous elements ( tags, badges, banners, logo's, direct links to your shop ) will be reinstalled shortly.Innitialy  I choosed to go back to a 2 columns blog because I have found a beautiful template, wider and more cheerful. But when I realized that all my gadgets are completely messed up, it was too late ... I've worked all day to recover my old blog template, the posts and most of my gadgets, but still, some of them are missing. I will have to edit again one by one and add them. And I'm still trying to figure out the best background .... So slowly but surely my blog is coming back with all features, including your beautiful shops, my friends !


letamariedesigns said...

Good Luck Monique. If I was trying to do it I would so screw it up.:)

Monica said...

I already screw it Leta, really bad ... I lost all my badges, logo's, shops, etc. I was so upsed... I worked all day to restore the blog as close as it was, and I still have work to do ! But tomorrow is another day ! :))