Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday under 20

 Greetings again from the beautiful South, my friends ! I love Fridays, I always did, is something good about it, in the name and all the meanings coming with it ! Like, uh.... knowing that the weekend is almost here ? making plans ? thinking already where to go or what to do ? waiting for that game ? spending some quality time with your kid ? planning that dinner with your friends ? Waiting for the mornings when you don't have to hear the alarm clock ? And if it happens to be the end of the month too, then it's even better, payroll day !!!!! The perfect match ! Well, if shopping's are on your "things to do" list, then I have some great finds for you. And today is going to be Art Fire day !

Green Wire Cat Bookmark - 8 $

Ceramic Trivet - Vintage - Artwork by Charles Rennie MacKintosh - 12.95 $

Lampwork bead set Lentils black and orange R.E.Blake - 18 $

Cat and Kittens Puzzle - 15 $

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday updates on "One Week Advertised Shops"

The one week rotation on the 6 advertising spots on the right side bar starts today again, and believe me, it's not easy to chose from so many wonderful artists and their shops. Like I said yesterday, this coming week we'll have paintings, kids decor, vintage shops and glass & wood artists. And I hope that you will like their artwork as much as I do !

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Super-Wednesday MEGA-SALE

 I don't think you need extra details about the today post. The only thing you should know is that every Wednesday of the week I will put out a special Sale. A real one, I mean. And today's Special is this cute and funny beaded watch. The regular price is 48.00 $, but today only you will find it at 35.00$ - that's correct, a 13 $ discount. The discount will be refunded via PayPal, and no code is neccessary. The total lenght of this bracelet is 7 and 1/2 inch, but I can make it a fit for you, just ask !


ITEM : watch bracelet
MODEL : beaded
LENGHT : 7 and 1/2 inch
WATCH : Geneva quartz movement, red face
COLOR : red, white
MATERIALS : Icy and frosty Lucite, natural pearls, lampwork flower and swirl beads, fire polished beads
FINDINGS: Silver Plated
Manufacturer: CRG Designs

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Dinner - Pork Rolls ( or Stuffed cabbage ) - Sarmale ( in Romanian )

 Today I will share with you one of the most delicious traditional Romanian recipe, great if you have a big family, if you plan to impress your guests or simply if you want to spoil yourself ! You can also find these rolls in the Greek cusine, mostly with grape leaves and rice stuffing.

Ingredients :

1 kg grinded pork (or pork and beef-equal amounts)
110 grams rice
3 bay leaves
2 white onions (medium size)
two tablespoons pork lard
tomato paste 100 grams
sauerkraut ( pickled cabbage )
salt (a tablespoon)
smoked bacon


Mix the minced meat with the rice ( which was previously cleaned and washed in several waters ), very small diced onion, pepper, salt, bay leaves ( finely chopped ) and 100 ml of water. It's very important addition of water filling.
Chose nice cabbage leaves and cut thicker stalks and ribs. If the leaf is big, cut it in half to make two rolls. Then place on the leaf the meat mix, about two tablespoons, roll it and in the end push inside the edges of the roll to close it. Make sure not to roll it tight, the rice need space to rise. In the end the rolls should be about two inches long.
On the bottom of a saucepan put finely chopped cabbage that was left and the smoked bacon, and from the edge in concentric layers place the cabbage rolls. Cover the rolls with more chopped cabbage. Pour water or broth (so as to cover the cabbage) mixed with the tomato paste and two tablespoons of lard. After giving the first boil, cabbage rolls are left to simmer on low heat for 2 hours. Optionally, two hours after being cooked on the stove, stuffed cabbage can stay for 20 minutes in oven preheated to 250 degrees until it makes a nice crisp crust.
Serve the rolls with sour cream and polenta.

 Notes : this recipe can be made also with sweet cabbage or grape leaves – make sure to bath these leaves in boiling water first, until they become soft or they change the color. Then use the same meat mix and technique as described.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Gemalicious Beads Love giveaway - how can I be so unbelivable lucky ?

Like any other morning, I'm reading the latest on the blogs I follow. Well, this morning I got speechless when I found out that I am the lucky winner of the Gemalicious Beads Love giveaway at . I've considered myself lucky enough to find out about this giveaway via Twitter, but to be the winner, never in my thoughts ! Can you immagine what beautiful jewelry I will make with these beauties ? Oh, I just cannot wait to receive them so I can start working, I'm already dreaming about the designs.... Teri, Amber, you really made my day and the week, it doesn't matter anymore how dark and cold is outside, for me is sunny all the way ! Thank you ! To find out more about Gemalicious Beads and their wonderful gems, please visit

the Monday Featured Artist - Split Rock Ranch

 We are a small ranch located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. We raise beautiful llamas and harvest their incredible fiber. Many of our llama fleeces rival fine alpaca. I am a fiber artist - I am a handspinner, a knitter, a crocheter, a needle felter and I handpaint and handdye fibers and yarns to sell. We sell handspun and handpainted yarns, handdyed and handpainted rovings, custom fiber blends, needle felting fibers, llama rovings and raw llama fleeces.
Custom Spinning available! See a roving or fiber batt in our store that you'd love to have spun into yarn but you don't spin? No problem! Custom spinning services are available, just convo me for quotes.  Fiber is my passion and I am told that it shows in my work. I love to create pleasing colorways and dye various fibers, create and card custom fiber blends and spin my own fiber creations as well as other's fibers into beautiful yarns. We are a non-smoking home and business. Split Rock Ranch is a working llama ranch and we do have pets and companion animals in the home and studio. I just want those with severe allergies to be aware that there may be a stray pet hair here and there! We accept custom orders and offer spinning services, fiber blending and carding services, and custom dyeing services. Please contact us for additional information.

the Sunday night surprize

I should call this “what the USPS Priority Mail boxes are good for” … Yesterday was such a nice and sunny day, that I have decided to do some gardening. I went to Lowe’s, I found beautiful flowers , brought them home together with the two bags of soil, and I start bringing on my front porch the pots, ready to start. I mean bringing them from the back yard. Just in case you don’t know, last summer I found abandoned on my backyard four (4) kittens, about 2 month old. I decided that they were still too small to hunt by themselves, so I fed them through the fall and all winter, hoping that in the spring they will be on their own. Since February I start reducing the food portions to none (late in March) forcing them to start hunting. Good idea, but often I had to clean the patio of bloody offerings and prove of their ability! So to go back to my story, yesterday, looking for my old pots on the backyard, I noticed something black and white under one of my bushes. Getting closer to see what it is (first I suspected the junior for leaving there toys) I almost had a shock when I saw tiny new-born kittens. I said, Oh No! No way that I’m going to start again having cats running all over my yard and destroying my flowers. So I went in the garage, take a nice good box – a big one from USPS Priority Mail – cover it completely in plastic, making a little hole for the mom to get in, and I moved in the kittens. I counted 5!!!! The umbilical cord was still there, drying, so I assumed that they are about 3-4 days old. I was also hoping that if I touch them, the mom will move them somewhere else. Last night, after a good summer rain, I went to check on them, and I had the surprise to see them with their mom, installed comfy on her new home. It was one of my four abandoned ones of last summer. So she brought them home …. Or at least what she considered to be home. Now, I have no intention to keep them – I already have one indoor cat and the other three outdoors…. I don’t need a yard full of cats, where my little one is playing all day long. So I searched all humane societies but none of them is taking new ones. So I turned to the animal control ones, for removal. I will call today, to see if they can come and find them a shelter, and later hopefully a foster home and even adoption. Now, don't get me wrong, I am a cats lover, I have two birman cats in Europe, here I have an adopted gray short hair Tabby in the house and the four outside, my mugs are with cats, the wall decor, my apron, even my wrist watches are with cats ....I would love to keep them, but I can’t…. They are just too many.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A troubled night

Last night I woke up so scared ... The whole house was shaking and a terrible rumbling was all over; I jumped from the bed ready to wake up everybody and pick the junior. Then I realized that is just a summer thunderstorm, right on top of us, but I guess the memories of all the terrifying earthquakes that I've been through are still there, in some dark corner of my brain....when the surviving instinct is telling you to run for your life, when the whole world is collapsing around you, the seconds seems terribly long, and when it's over, the silence around you is out of this world. I still hear those screams, seconds later, the darkness, the collapsed building in front of me and that hysterical young woman looking for her baby. You cannot get rid of these memories, no matter what you do. This is what came to my mind last night, first thing. Troubled night....

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fantastic giveaway for all jewelry designers !

On the morning tweets I came across this wonderful and absolutely gorgeous giveaway by Gemalicious Beads called "Gemalicious Beads Love" Giveaway ! A must see and enter - by the way, there are plenty of ways to make several entries, and there are only three days left untill is ending ! What are you waiting for ? I already made my 5 entries ! I know I should be more selfish with such a treasure, but I can't !

the "Friday under 20"

I know, you're wondering what the heck is this. Well, take your coffee, get comfy and read because I will tell you in a second what is all about. Like any human being, I'm not perfect ( who is ? ) and sometimes my immagination and inspiration are not in their best mood. So what I need is a schedule, more like a guide. If I know that for each day of the week there is a dedicated subject, is easier for me to follow and come up with things that you might be interested in. And of course, in between, I can write about anything and everything. So let's see....I already have the "Monday Featured Artist", "Thursday Advertising Updates" and "Friday under 20" , I only need two more good ones for Tuesday and Wednesday. Any comments with ideas of what would you like to read and know about, are welcome !
So to finish my idea, today is Friday, and it's called accordingly. And I will show you wonderful gifts and goodies that you can find, under 20 $. Of course, all are handmade or vintage. Today's great finds are called "Vintage Mom"... and here they are :

Vintage 70s EQUESTRIAN PREP SATIN SCARF with ROYAL CARRIAGE in red,white,sky blue - 17.50 $

SALE. HELP WANTED wrought iron and ceramic tile trivet or wall piece - 6.99 $

Vintage Crocheted Medallion Runner R-141 - 9.95 $

Two Vintage Turquoise Blue Necklaces Beads for Redesign - 10.00 $



Thursday, April 22, 2010


Here is a list with Shops that have Earth Day Sales ! Some of them have all items on sale, some have only certain items, just read carefuly the description, so we don't have confusions ! Enjoy them !  Earth Day sale 20% off everything Save $3 & free shipping! Copper tree earrings! Refund via paypal! Earth Day Sale ♥ Buy 2 Soap Savers, Get 1 Free! Valid in my Artfire shop only. No coupon necessary... just buy 2 & get the 3rd one free. :)

Darl's Prairie Creations - Featured Artist

 “I live on the prairie where the south winds blow. Making crafts and creating art has been my passion for years. Raising kids and working (left side of brain) had to come first. Now I'm a Grandma and I can set my own working hours. Now it's right side time. Some of my hobbies are gardening, horseback riding, going for long walks on our farm, dump diving in the ravines of our pasture and other crafts, such as, knitting, crocheting, pottery and many more.

 I love to craft and I'm always trying new things! I grow birdhouse gourds in my garden and I've been making birdhouses for several years. I'm a great believer in recycling and have access to scrap electrical copper wire so I began using that wire for my birdhouses, china angels and hummingbird feeders. I also love to make quilted ball ornaments and I'm always thinking of neat color combinations and holiday themes to create into fun and homey decorations. Please be sure and let me know if you see something you'd like in a different color or theme as I would do custom orders also, if possible. Living on the prairie might seem dull to some, but I find color and beauty in God's creation everywhere I look. <>< “

To see more of my "crafty" ideas, and learn more about my life on the prairie, visit my blog at:
Join me on Facebook:!/pages/Prairie-Creations-Ornaments/295292144718
Follow me on Twitter:

Updates on "One week advertised Shops"

  Featured this week : Hurricane Pottery, Monika Design, Sass Kat Photography, Faerie Moon Creations, Kats Critter Creations and It's my Thing Designs ! I have designated 6 spots on my right side bar on this blog for promotions and advertising great shops that you have to see. These shops are at my choice, from all my followers on Twitter, Facebook and my blog, and it will be posted for a week, by rotation. This way everyone is having the same chance of exposure.

Hurricane Pottery is having a Buy one, Get one half off sale until the end of April! It's a celebration for the first birthday of the Handmade Louisiana Team. Visit  to see the offers from other team members.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ready for the summer

I know, it took me kind of long to finish this , but I did it and I just can't wait to wear it. Maybe tomorrow at my son's academic excellence award day, at the Highschool, if the weather is warm enough. Is washed it, ironed it and is ready to go. But I found kind of tricky to work with jersey fabric... is stretching exactly when you don't need ( like when you have to cut a straight and even piece, or you have to sew it ), and probably it follows Murphy's Laws. So having said that, I don't think I'll buy jersey again, too much trouble. But overall it came out beautiful and carefully done ( after lots of nerves ) and that's all that matters. And the best thing is that I can wear it as a set with a white or red belt ( which I don't have yet ) or with any matching top.

A lovely Treasury by STUDIO 722 JEWELRY

Words are not enough to describe this lovely, cute, refreshing and so girly treasury by Studio 722 Jewelry.

Author : Studio 722 Jewelry ( )

Featured Artists :
Sassmowth Designs ( )
Sass Kat Photography's ( )
CRG Designs ( )

Please check and see if you're good to go !

 The new first right column is dedicated to you, your shop and your blog. Last night I have start populating these categories, but I don't want to miss any of you. So my question is to go and see if your blog and your shop are on the list. If I missed you, please drop a line, and I will rectify the error !

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A change of look ! Please be patient !

As I am working to change the template of my blog for a better view of my posts, I am asking all my wonderful friends and followers to be patient, because all previous elements ( tags, badges, banners, logo's, direct links to your shop ) will be reinstalled shortly.Innitialy  I choosed to go back to a 2 columns blog because I have found a beautiful template, wider and more cheerful. But when I realized that all my gadgets are completely messed up, it was too late ... I've worked all day to recover my old blog template, the posts and most of my gadgets, but still, some of them are missing. I will have to edit again one by one and add them. And I'm still trying to figure out the best background .... So slowly but surely my blog is coming back with all features, including your beautiful shops, my friends !

Monday, April 19, 2010

Touch of Silver - the Monday Morning Artist Interview

 Welcome to Touch of Silver. Buying beads and silver is my addiction. My pieces are created using sterling silver, solid copper and lead-free pewter, combined with interesting glass and both colorful and earthy gemstones. If you've never seen chain maille...check it out - it's truly better than its medieval armor predecessor.
The jewelry I create is inspired by nature and art. My many years walking the shores of Jones Beach on Long Island, my college years hiking and skiing the mountains of Vermont and the more recent vacation times in the Adirondacks all provide inspiration when I am in my studio.
 My enjoyment of art, particularly the Impressionists, with their use of color and light also provides additional background for creativity when I sit down to create a new piece. Whenever we travel, searching for new beads is always on the "to do" list. I've collected beads from Toronto to Vienna and they have all found a home in my creations.
The rich earth tone colors in semi-precious stones such as pietersite or green ocean jasper and the cool blue of lapis lazuli remind me of favorite gardens, woodlands, mountains, surf, or my memories of a gallery painting. For three years, I have been selling my jewelry in local stores in Rochester, NY and Philadelphia, and at Rochester's Memorial Art Gallery.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Destination Europe - Garmisch Partenkirchen

  Germany's largest alpine resort has a split personality, and not just because it consists of two towns that were merged for the 1936 Olympic Winter Games. Rather, it's because Garmisch-Partenkirchen is both a world-class ski resort and a summer vacation playground. When the skiing finally stops in early May, the town has just over a month to prepare itself for a summer onslaught of hikers, mountain-climbers, cyclists, spa aficionados, folklore enthusiasts, and high-altitude sunseekers.
Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a market town in southern Bavaria in the Oberbayern region. The town was formed in 1935 through the merger of Garmisch and Partenkirchen, two separate towns until then. It was the site of the 1936 Winter Olympic Games. Today Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a tourist and winter sports centre and has some of Germany's best skiing areas. Near Garmisch-Partenkirchen lies the 2962m high Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany.

 At 2960 m above sea level the Zugspitze is Germany highest mountain. It lies at the border between Germany and Austria in southern Bavaria and the summit can be reached either by foot or with a cog railway or a cablecar. Below the Zugspitze lies a huge glacier. Right next to the summit there is a restaurant, a weather station and microwave relay stations.

In 1936 it was the site of the Winter Olympic Games. Traditionally, a ski jumping contest is held in Garmisch-Partenkirchen on New Year's Day, as a part of the Four Hills Tournament (Vierschanzen-Tournee). A variety of Ski World Cup Races are also held here, usually on the Kandahar Track outside town. The 1978 Alpine World Ski Championships were organized in Garmisch and the 2011 Alpine World Ski Championships are to be held there as well.

 Garmisch-Partenkirchen is also a favored holiday spot for skiing, snowboarding, and hiking, having some of the best skiing areas (Garmisch Classic and Zugspitze) in Germany. It was also announced on December 7, 2007 that Garmisch-Partenkirchen will put in a bid to host the 2018 Winter Olympics together with partner candidates Munich and Schönau am Königsee (near Berchtesgaden).



Friday, April 16, 2010

WILDFIRE POTTERY - Featured artist of the week

In the offline world Wildfire Pottery is located on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. My name is Sarah Beck and I make all the pottery you see here.
  This little raku owl was made by me, in my studio in Cape Breton. I make each owl by hand, without using moulds, so they are all different. Some of them look pensive, some happy or eager and others look lonely! They have little balls of clay inside which rattle when you shake them.
The owls are approximately 4 1/2 x 3 1/2" and are signed on the bottom by me.

Have a look at my blog for the inspiration for these owls!
My raku pieces are bisque fired once to make them hard, then glazed and fired again in an outdoor kiln. When the pieces are red hot I pull them out of the kiln with tongs allowing the glazes to crackle while cooling for a very short time in the air or sometimes on the ground if I want more crackle. I then put them in a metal container filled with newspaper which bursts into flames, blackening all the areas I haven't glazed with smoke and darkening the crackle lines. I then put a lid on the container which in a nutshell starves the fire of oxygen so it takes the oxygen from the glaze leaving a range of copper colours behind. (That's a pretty basic explanation of a complicated process, but who needs complicated?!) Every piece is different some have more crackle, some less, but all are unique.!/