Monday, March 8, 2010

Julie's "cre8urname" Studio

My shop is called “cre8urname” and I have been selling my cushions on line for about a year. I also sell Lingerie under another id that I've been doing since 2007.
I'm an upholsterer by trade and have been working with fabrics for what seems like forever, about 35 years, I love crafting and making things with my hands....I no longer do upholstery as my arms will no longer take the strain, I have had several opps on both elbows over the years, and last year the Dr told me no more or I wouldn't have the use of my arms as the muscles would not I thought ok what can I do that wont hurt and I still enjoy....that’s how I came up with the cushions, I also make formal dresses and lots of other crafty things....
All the cushions are made to order so you get to choose the fabric design and color as they are made just for the buyer....I get people here that find fabric on line they like and let me know where they see it and I get it for them and make the cushions they's very personalized and contact between me and my buyer is also personal, as I want to keep my buyer happy.
The cushions are made of cotton or cotton/polyester and are machine washable you don't even have to take the fiberfill out to wash them. But they can be made from any fabric the buyer wants. They all have a zip so if you want to add more fill to them you can or alternately use them for pajama bags, or to hide your jewelry in !


Julie said...

Thanks so much for a lovely blog your the best...and I'm telling

Kathryn Lantz said...

Great feature!! Love Julie's work! :)

Monica said...

Tell me about it ! I would buy now a few, if she wouldn'be be so far !!! Kat, you have a reserved spot too, LOL ! Find your time and write me about you, your work and your shop !:) I have so many friends with beautiful shops that I want to present, that it's not even funny to decide who's next, :(