Friday, March 12, 2010

A gift to bright my day, and yours ! Please pass it on !

It's a laizy Friday morning, and almost everyone is sleeping in the house ( my better half is sick and high on NyQuil, and my oldest one is having a day off from the school ) , except our youngest one who decided that as long as he doesn't know the days of the week or how early it is, he should start his day. So I made my coffee as usual and I opened my laptop to read my emails, the news and to see if I have any new contestants on my giveaway - I always start my day in this order. I am a coffeine addict, but is also a neccesity because my blood pressure is usualy on the floor ( 8 or maybe 9 in my good days ) and I'm like a zombie without my morning coffee. Going back to my story, I was so happy to see one more comment on the giveaway post, so I rush to see who it is, and there is Della ! I found Della's blog ( ) browsing Kathie's blog, and I was so impressed with her jewelry and interesting blog, that I decided to follow her. I thought she've made  her entry, but to my big and nice surprize, she sent me the Beautiful Blogger award ! Shall I tell you how impressed I was ? Yes, I'll tell you even if you already figuered that. It's a beautiful award that if you're lucky enough to get it, you should pass it on to other bloggers as a recognition to their work, mind and for who they are.

I've already inserted it in my blog, and now I will follow the tradition and I will pass it on to 10 other great blogs and their creators ( was not an easy thing to decide which ones, among so many wonderful bloggers ), and here they are :

1. Tanya and her "Little Village Naturals" blog ( ) , always so cheerful and funny.
2. Debbie and "Baby Chick Designs"  ( ) for a wonderful blog and artist dedicated to bring the Art in our little ones lives.
3. Angie and "Tatted Adventures...of Complicated Girl" ( ) for sharing with us all her thoughts on a very colorful blog.
4. Kat and "SassmowthDesigns" ( ) for not giving up on her dreams.
5. Desiree and "Jewelry by Desiree" ( ) for a wonderful artist and blogger
6. Brenda and "Split Rock Ranch" ( ) for a very colorful and interesting blog
7. Debbie and " Sapone Bolla Soap Blog" ( ) for doing such a great job with her new blog.
8. Belinda and "Samplings from a Blur Ribbon Girl" ( ) for being a fantastic blogger
9. Heather and "TataniaRosa" ( ) for a wonderful artist and blogger
10. Cathy and " Jewelry Design-A Journey" ( ) for a lovely blog.

To get your award and pass it on  just Copy and Paste the image.

Thank you Della ! And have a wonderful weekend !


Tanya Gibson-Little Village Naturals said...

You are such a wonderful person! Thank you! It's been a rough day here in my hometown, and just helped cheer me up. Bless you.

It means a lot for you to be looking out for us in what we are passionate about & striving for. I am grateful to you.

Thanks again

Monica said...

Hey ! Always have in mind that Tommorow is another day and things will be different ! I hope I cheered you up a little bit ! And Tanya, nothing is a coincidence ! Whatever hapens, it supposed to be that way. So try to look for the positive part of the things, there's always one !

Split Rock Ranch said...

Thank you Monica! I am honored and will try to post the award and pass it on soon. I have several other awards I have recently received that I still haven't had the time to post yet! Have a fabulous day!

Tanya Gibson-Little Village Naturals said...

There was a triple shooting of women today in my small community, this on the heals of 2 other women murdered that is unrelated to the murders that happened today. As well a woman I have posted on my other blog still a missing women that my community is looking for. There are a few other instances as well this past week that I won't go into. I am sorry to have seemed down in such a cheery atmosphere. I apologize.

I normally do see the positive side of things. And even today & everyday I am brimming with thankfulness & happiness for what I have in my life. Today, out of respect & genuine emotion I hang my head for those victims.

I appreciate your kind words & all that you're doing to support your fellow bloggers/crafters. Thank you.

Monica said...

Is terrible what you're going through, and I'm so sorry the hear that. I take it back, there's nothing positive in that. I only hope that those tragic events are not related in any way, that would be very scarry. My thoughts are with you and your dear ones !

Tanya Gibson-Little Village Naturals said...

Thank you Monica. I'm not worried about me, it's the families I feel bad for.

On to brighter things. I tried to link back to your post, but I have no idea how to do that. I've heard of it before, but not sure how you go about doing it. But I posted on my blog earlier. Thanks again.

BRD Girl said...

Thank you so much Monica! I appreciate the "blog love" and your kind words! What wonderful very first blog award. I have posted it and passed it on...

Have a wonderful weekend!...and thanks again for your kindness...

Debbie Weinstein said...

Thank you so are very sweet! I will do my best to pass it along to deserved bloggers!
thanks again,
Debbie at Baby Chick Designs