Thursday, March 4, 2010

Featured shop mini-series. Today "Colorado Catnip Toys"

Are you tired of looking to find a cute, useful and original gift for your beloved feline pet or dog ? Have you considered a handmade toy, blanket, bed or quilt, instead of going to store down the street or at the Mall ? Well, it might not be so hard to find if you take a look at these wonderful gifts created by
 "Colorado Catnip Toys" .
With plenty of choices of designs and colors, they are the perfect gift ! Washable, organic, 100% cotton, handcrafted with love by a cat lover, great prices, what else can you wish for ? And they also make custom orders, on top of everything ! Wonderful ! Here are some of their lovely creations !
I adore my cat, so I know how it feels ! I want for her to know how precious is for me, I want her to be spoiled and happy ! Wouldn't you ? Then do so, go ahead and buy her/him something that no one else is having !
A good opportunity also to receive a FREE CATNIP TOY with your purchase ! Just put "Rose" in the comments to the seller to get your free gift !
Isn't that great ?

Thank you Jana !

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