Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring clean up - Etsy shop in reorganization - please visit my ArtFire Studio for shopping alternatives

Greetings everyone from the beautiful South !
It's a wonderful sunny Saturday morning, I'm having my coffee, and I'm full of energy. I can smell the spring coming, and I cannot help myself not to start making changes; in the house, in my shops, wherever I can ! So I will start with one of my shops! I put the Etsy one on vacation mode because I'm planning to reorganize everything there; I have to adjust the prices to match the new lower ones on ArtFire studio, I have to delete some categories and make new ones, I have lots of new listings ( but I need some peaceful and quiet time to do that ) and I have to get rid off the old inventory - for that I make a new section.
The ArtFire studio will be open all this time, updated with all the new items that I'm working at, and new coupon codes will be available very-very soon ! I'm also planning to have here on the blog Giveaways, twice a month, but I'll let you all know when they will start. In the meantime, have fun, go shopping and enjoy the the fresh springtime air !

As a reminder, here are all the links where you can find me and my work, get in contact with me and stay updated with the latest news :

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