Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Faerie Moon Creations, A Whimsical Boutique

Sing a Happy Tune Collection - Wooden Tile Bird Pendant with Gold Ball Chain

I know, it's never easy to find something unique or something that would make you feel special. The weird thing is that I cannot wear my own creations. Funny, right ? I always look for things created by others, and the web is sometimes overwhelmed by shops, sites and ads with artisan handmade creations. I found to be kind of hard to decide what to buy, as the offers are so many in such a wide variety ! But usualy, I buy from my own colleagues, on Etsy, and here is one of the shops that I trully like !
Faerie Moon Creations !
To quote them, their "creations are inspired by the earth, nature, fantasy, faeries, folklore, animals, the shining sun, the whispering winds, and the deep blue sea". You have to see this with your own eyes ! Beautiful jewelry store, with several sections to choose from : Alice in Wonderland, Romantic Boutique, Unique Boutique, Knit Pretties Boutique, Christmas Boutique and even a Sales Boutique !
Definitively a store to explore !

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Faerie Moon Creations said...

Thanks, Monica! What a nice little feature. :) I really appreciate it. Theresa