Friday, October 23, 2009


When I found this pendant in an Arts & Crafts store and I bought it, about two weeks ago, I was not having in mind anything specific, of what I'm gonna do or how is gonna look. I just liked a lot the colors. Now I wish I would have been bought at least three or four, different colors !

Usually I'm buying my supplies from my suppliers on the Internet, but when I find something nice in a store it's even better; I can touch it, I can feel it ... it's cold, it's warm, heavy or soft. It makes a big difference.

And as I'm not working on my jewelry if I don't have any inspiration or I'm not in the mood, I left the pendant on my desk -- every time I was passing by I was looking at it. Until a few days ago, when the inspiration stroked, and I start playing with it, and this is what it came out.

Taking good pictures is another story, and I'll share my experience with you.

Is it nice ? Is it well proportioned ? You think that maybe I should have been done something else ? You like the colors and the combinations ?

All your ideas and comments are very welcome, will help me to improve my work and rich better the targeted buyers !


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