Friday, October 23, 2009


When I found this pendant in an Arts & Crafts store and I bought it, about two weeks ago, I was not having in mind anything specific, of what I'm gonna do or how is gonna look. I just liked a lot the colors. Now I wish I would have been bought at least three or four, different colors !

Usually I'm buying my supplies from my suppliers on the Internet, but when I find something nice in a store it's even better; I can touch it, I can feel it ... it's cold, it's warm, heavy or soft. It makes a big difference.

And as I'm not working on my jewelry if I don't have any inspiration or I'm not in the mood, I left the pendant on my desk -- every time I was passing by I was looking at it. Until a few days ago, when the inspiration stroked, and I start playing with it, and this is what it came out.

Taking good pictures is another story, and I'll share my experience with you.

Is it nice ? Is it well proportioned ? You think that maybe I should have been done something else ? You like the colors and the combinations ?

All your ideas and comments are very welcome, will help me to improve my work and rich better the targeted buyers !


Friday, October 16, 2009


It's autumn, the mornings are cold, and all you can think about is "Gee ... a couple more months and it's Christmas again .... another year have gone by ".... Well, I don't see it that way ! Of course, I enjoy X-Mas, I love all those "secret" shoppings, and most of it I love to hide them !

But the best part is yet to come. So ! It's October already. What does that mean ? OHOHO ! A lot ! It means that the Halloween is coming ! And Thanksgiving ! And more opportunities to make some secret shoppings and crack ( please, I said crack, not break ) the piggy bank !

He he he ... Halloween ... the fever of finding the right costume .... buy something for your friends, your loved ones and of course, for yourself (a little spoiling didn't killed anyone ), looking for funny and creepy decorations for your house and getting ready to go to that Halloween party that you've been waiting for !

Ah ! Here it is .... need some ideas for gifts ? How about some funny jewelry , in the fall colors ? Or how about those blue things that you hang on the wall, or in your house, in your office, in your car or at your keys ? How they are called ? ..... Here is a clue : are blue, a white and black circle in the middle, they look like an eye that watch you, they are made originally from glass ( in Turkey or Greece ) and it's said to bring good luck and protection against envious eyes ! Got it ? Those are called the Evil Eyes. Great gifts ! Funny ! Decorative and easy to put them almost anywhere !

Please let me know what you think ! Are they pretty ? Do they have enough diversity ? Do you have any ideas of what I should do next ? Well, that's why this is a blog, for you to come and tell me what's in your mind when you see these creations.

Don't be shy ! After all, I'm here to listen !

Happy Halloween !