Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Urban trends for modern kids - Reinventing the Rustic

Discover the magic touch that will make your baby look like a million bucks

Urban trends for modern kids - Reinventing the Rustic: Urban toys and accessories for children. Rustic dress. Rustic baby. Rustic toys. Urban bay dress. Rag doll. Peg doll. Watercolor cards. Crochet hat, blanket.

Monday, September 25, 2017

A new and wonderful GIVEAWAY

To celebrate the opening of the new Urban Petit Bebe's website, I am organizing a beautiful giveaway with three (3) prizes :
1st prize - Pink and green whimsical skinny rag doll
2nd prize - Willow hand painted Peg Doll Set with matching storage bag
3rd prize - Baby safe Bunny Toy in navy blue, orange and yellow

You can find the Registration requirements HERE


Thursday, June 1, 2017

10 Toddler gifts to challenge their immagination

Creative (or pretend) play is one of the most beneficial and important parts of the early childhood development, and just going to the store to buy "something, anything, a bright colored" toy is just not enough. Besides, you really don't want some plastic cheap toy, right ? I wouldn't !

There are other options out there, and one of my favorite one is a handmade toy, preferably made of natural materials - like wood, in bright colors, safe, non-toxic, and quite resistant, considering the "abuse" that is going to take ( saliva, chewing, throwing, food spills, etc ).

I've been browsing lots of online handmade markets, and I found 10 amazing toys that I would not hesitate to buy if I would have a toddler in my house :) Here they are 

1. For the "Nature Lover"

BIG SET Animal toys Forest animals (9pcs) + Trees (5pcs) Nature table Waldorf toys Wooden toys Animal figures Toys for kids Baby shower

This beautiful painted wood pretend play set comes from Germany, and it can be bought on Etsy for $ 104.99 

2. For the "Splashing Water Lover"

Rainbow Regatta - Choose Your Color - A Montessori and Waldorf Inspired Pretend Play and Sailing Toy

Also from Etsy , this adorable wood and felt set it only costs $ 29.00

3.  For the "Woods Adventurer"

The Tree Fort Kit

This absolutely amazing assemble is sold by Magic Cabin , and the price varies from $ 11.00 to $ 249.00, depending on what parts you buy, or the whole set.

4. For the "Cars & Trucks Lover"

Octopus & road / Floor Mat / Rug / Play Mat / Floor Rug / Playmat / Car Mat / Nursery Decor / Hand Printed

This adorable activity mat is handmade and ships from Russia, and it can be found on Etsy for $ 95.00

5. For the "Camper"

Navy with White Anchors Kids Tee Pee Set

This beautiful tee pee tent is hand crafted with 100 % cotton , and it can be found on ArtFire for $ 264.00 . 

- Tee pee with two large windows, one on each side.
- Wooden poles with plastic connectors.
- Comfy blanket.
- 4 unique shaped pillows.
- Tee pee bag with a handle.
- 2 fabric ties to secure front opening.
- 2 fabric loop ties and 2 ties to keep door flaps open.
- 4 ties to secure window covers (2 for each window).

6. For the "Story Teller"

Tea house animals - wool finger puppets / "Pets" - felted finger puppets

Another little treasure from Etsy , this cute finger puppets set made from wool comes from France, and it is sold for $ 29.07

7.  For the "Little Chef"

Kitchen play set (26 pcs) - Toys Fruit, vegetables - Seasons - Crochet Play food, Eco-friendly, Pretend food, role play - Made to order

Great set if you have a little chef back home ! This handmade crochet pretend play fruits and vegetables set comes from Ukraine, and it is sold on Etsy for $ 97.00

8. For the "Enchanted Princess" 

The princess collection - complete royal princess peg doll set & personalized castle

Cute as a button, this one will give your little bundle of joy hours of pretend play ! Available on Etsy for $ 150.00

9. For the "Deep Thinker"

Wooden puzzle, learning toy, wooden sorter, sorting toy, Waldorf toys, wooden sorting, Montessori, color sorting, educational toy

This cute puzzle is handcrafted in Russia, and it can be found on Etsy for $ 29.90

10. For the "Knight in Shiny Armor" 

Fortress Princess Prince and knights complete pretend play set wood and felt peg doll with play mat, play mat nature story teller Waldorf

Made with wood, felt and cotton, and hand painted here and there, this pretend play set can be found on Etsy for $ 39.50

I know that some of them are quite expensive, but these are one of a kind toys, that will last many years to come, and which will be passed on to the next toddler in the family !